Wireworking Classics Series: 
Pharaoh Ring

(aka Standard Form Ring)


A Definitive Wire Design

Learn to make this bold, timeless, unisex ring design, originally created by Thomas Vincent Phelan. He was issued a patent for the design (US Des. 150,726) in 1948. It came into the public domain in 1962 and is now considered one of the "classic" wirework designs. 

Course Outline

By the end of this class, you'll have learned how to:

  • set a large cabochon in a ring
  • adapt the design to multiple ring sizes
  • calculate the amount of wire needed for your chosen ring size
  • adjust the setting for thicker cabochons
  • keep your wire "on the square" through multiple changes in direction
  • add a "comfort setting" for easier wearing
  • shape and finish your ring
  • pass the "Scrape Test"



Flat Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Ring Bending 1/2 Round Pliers
Flush Cutting Wire Nippers
Ring Mandrel
Masking Tape 
Permanent Marker
Measuring Tape/Ruler
Jeweller's File
Pin Vice
Pen Knife
Rouge Cloth 
1/4" (6 mm) Painter's Tape


54-58" (140-147 cm) 20 gauge Soft Square Wire
7" (18 cm) 22 gauge Half Round Wire
18-30" (45-76 cm) 22 gauge Half Round Wire (for comfort band)  
1x Low Dome Cabachon (18x13 for smaller sizes, up to 25x18 for larger sizes) 

20, 18 or 16 gauge Half Round Wire can be substituted for the 22 gauge half round wire in this project.

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  3. Test your camera and your microphone with the Zoom software.
  4. Join in on the day of the class, by clicking the link in the email reminder you'll receive, or go to the Class Page in your Library and click on the link there.
  5. Get ready to have fun!

This class will be a wonderful next step on your creative journey if you:

  1. Want to make unisex designs, for men and women; 
  2. Want to add rings to your design repertoire;
  3. Like to make and wear BOLD jewelry;
  4. Have a stash of cabochons you've been hoarding for too long (seriously, are you a dragon?); 
  5. Have struggled with keeping your wire "on the square";
  6. Want to develop your skills working with square wire;
  7. Have some experience working with wire and are ready to tackle a more advanced multi-wire project. Reserve your seat now!

About Your Instructor: 
Dianne Karg Baron 

Dianne Karg Baron’s obsession with wire began over 20 years ago when she decided to make a pendant out of a little piece of beach glass, found while walking near her home. Since then, the award winning artist has bent, twisted, woven, hammered, fused, and knitted her way through many kilograms of metal using mostly cold-joining methods.
Dianne’s infectious passion for wireworking has made her a sought-after instructor, helping people catch fire with excitement as they use wire, gemstones, beads, and simple hand tools to create jewelry that they are proud to wear, give and sell. A writer and publisher of over 50 tutorials, courses and videos on wireworking and chain making, Dianne is widely regarded as an expert on using square wire. 

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