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This is where your creative journey begins.

Beaded Channel Ring

This project is simplicity at its best! Using 2mm beads or 10/0 seed beads, this quick little square wire unisex ring...

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Illusion Prong Ring - PDF Tutorial

This quick and simple ring creates an illusion prong setting for a 6 mm bead. A modified version of this project was ...

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Micki Ring - PDF Tutorial

This bold, geometric design was inspired by the work of Max Froehlich (1908-1997), a Swiss-born goldsmith who was par...

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Galaxy Orbital Ring

The Galaxy Orbital Ring uses a two hole bead as the focal element. This ring can be worn plain, or can be embellished...

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Sweetheart Ring - PDF Tutorial

This prong set ring is economical on wire, but produces a very pretty result! For people who have mastered the basics...

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Standard Form Ring (aka Pharaoh Ring) - PDF Tutorial

The Standard Form Ring (aka Pharaoh Ring) was designed by Thomas Vincent Phelan. He was issued a patent for the desig...

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Wireworking Classics Series: Pharaoh Ring (aka Standard Form Ring) - Live Class Replay

Learn to make this bold, timeless, unisex ring design, originally created by Thomas Vincent Phelan. Perfect for large...

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