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Standard Form Ring (aka Pharaoh Ring) - PDF Tutorial

The Standard Form Ring (aka Pharaoh Ring) was designed by Thomas Vincent Phelan. He was issued a patent for the design (US Des. 150,726) in 1948. It came into the public domain in 1962. It is now considered one of the "classic" wirework designs. These instructions include a guide for making rings from sizes 6 - 12 1/2, and includes bonus instructions for two different ways of making a "comfort" setting!

Part of the Wireworking Classics Series. 

10 pages, 57 photos, 64 steps, plus design notes

Tools and Materials You'll Need:
Flat Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Ring Bending 1/2 Round Pliers
Flush Cutting Wire Nippers
Ring Mandrel
Masking Tape 
Permanent Marker
Measuring Tape/Ruler
Jeweller's File
Pin Vice
Rouge Cloth 
1/4" (6 mm) Painter's Tape

54-58" (140-147 cm) 20 gauge Soft Square Wire
7" (18 cm) 22 gauge Half Round Wire
18-30" (45-76 cm) 22 gauge Half Round Wire (for comfort band)  
1x Low Dome Cabachon (18x13 for smaller sizes, up to 25x18 for larger sizes) 

18 or 16 gauge Half Round Wire can be substituted for the 22 gauge half round wire in this project.

Release date: April 10, 2015

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