is a step-by-step course to help you discover your own creative voice through making jewelry with wire.

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Foundations Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry

Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry is a FREE COURSE that introduces you to the tools, metals and types of wire you'll need to start working on your projects. 


Topics covered in this course include: 

The Sweater Test
Tools Part 1: The 8 Essential Tools
Tools Part 2: More Useful Tools
All About Wire Part 1: Metals
All About Wire Part 2: Shapes, Gauges, Tempers
How to Straighten Wire – 3 Methods
5 Tips for Minimizing Body Strain
Introduction to Square Wire
… and more!


About The Tao of Wire

The Tao of Wire is an online video series presented by Dianne Karg Baron.  Learn professional techniques for making wire jewelry that you are proud to wear, give and sell. 



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Here's Some of What You'll Learn on Your Creative Journey


Get to know which tools you'll need to make your projects. 


Find out which wire will give your designs the look you want.


Discover tips and tricks for how to work efficiently, avoid and correct mistakes and get more professional results.


Episode 2 - The 8 Essential Tools for Wireworking

What tools do you need when you're first getting started making wire jewellery? In this episode Dianne describes the 8 "must have" essential tools you should have.

Episode 5 - All About Wire, Part 2: Shapes, Gauges & Tempers

What wire should you choose for your project? In this episode, you'll learn about the different qualities of wire like shape, gauge and temper, which can impact how your design looks, how easy it is to construct and how well it will wear.

Episode 7 - 5 Tips for Minimizing Body Strain

You can turn your wire into a pretzel if you like, but that doesn't mean you should turn yourself into one! In this episode you'll learn 5 tips for minimizing body strain while you work.